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Source or ideas for retractable lighting


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I recently purchased a used metal halide/T5 light fixture which I'd intended to mount over a frag tank, underneath a cupboard in our laundry room. There isn't quite the amount of room between the light and the tank that I expected, so I'm thinking I want to put it on retractable rails of some type so I can move it back out of the way when I want to service the tank, take pictures, etc.


I'm having a tough time finding the extending rails, that need to mount underneath the cabinet, allowing for the light to retract when necessary.


I'm looking for suggestions from anyone who might have done a similar thing in a canopy or otherwise. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.



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Mark' date=' I think Danik might have done something similar to that with his big in wall tank, you might ask him.[/quote']


I just read his build thread (which is awesome!!) but his lights go up and down, whereas mine need to go in and out.


Thanks though. I'm glad i saw his build.



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"how about file cabinet sliders, just need to take them out of a cabinet"


"What about just using drawer sliders?"


Both good ideas. I checked out the possibility of using the components from a keyboard tray, but the rolling mechanism was so tight it would allow the wire mounts for hanging the light.


I'll go check out a kitchen/cabinet store for a top mount drawer slider this weekend. Neither Home Depot nor Lowes had them.



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So, while picking up some things from Fred Meyer yesterday, I happened to be in the storage section when suddenly, there they were. Telescoping wardrobe rods. And on clearance even! Perfect for extending and retracting.


Down from $ 30.00 each to under a ten spot! More $$ for frags...(clap)

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