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Corals for Sale


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Well I am making some room, and these peices don't fit, so I am letting them go, the first up is a pretty cool peice, it has Eagle Eye Zoanthids, and a couple of Yellow polyps, and I think some Green Bay Packers, along with a couple of green mushrooms, and pom pom xenia. The peice is about 6 inches, and kinda cup shaped. Would be great peice for a nano.


Asking $30 for the whole peice



Next up is a pretty large ToadStool Leather Coral, Fast grower, I fragged it not long ago and I could most certainly frag it again, and I wacked it back a good one not 3-4 months ago....It has a greenish blue cap with tan polyps. I would say its about 6+ inches when open...I will be removing it from the rock its on....so this will not be attached to anything...


Asking $20....



Or if you would like both I would do $45 for both, I will be comming down to the portland area tomarrow (Saturday 10/30) and can deliver them anywhere in the portland area. Otherwise I will be taking them to a friend that has a shop...So shoot me an e-mail or PM if your interested...

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I also have a peice that has 2 green frilly/hairy mushrooms on it, with a couple of plain jane zoanthids on the other side, this peice is about 4 inches or so, the mushrooms when open are about the size of half dollar or so. I was going to snap a picture of it but the camera battery died and while charing the battery I lost track of time and the timer clicked the lights off, I can take pics if really needed, but this is what they look like...pic taken a while back...


Asking $15



Or buy all three for $50....(naughty)

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