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lets see your fungia plates


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Hell Mick I was trying to come up with a way to tell the guy he paid to much for a fungia under a blacklight. lol look at the green algae on the rack


Only to find out he lied to us about it being his LOL Too funny...That pic is so photoshopped it's not even funny, It looks awesome, but you couldn't give it to me simply cause the person photoshopped the hell out of it.

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just picked this one up


WHAT:eek: You have got to be kidding me:eek:...I am calling B.S...;)...thats every fungia freaks fantasy right there....lets see some more pics(naughty)...That thing is SWEET...no wait....INSANE!!!!(scary)


Edit:I think they where just kidding when they said, "just picked this up"....its like one of those things where if I posted a picture of a cool Bently/Ferrari/Lamborgini...and said "Check out my new ride"....get it...I don't think they where TRYING to be dishonest or lying....lighten up people...its a cool pic of a cool plate coral...lets not burn this person at the stake here...


By the way, I do drive a Ferrari....its one of those rare ones made by Hyundai....(Just kidding people, Hyundai doesn't make Ferraris)

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