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Probably my last few coral shots, video of the future, and a quick update


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So....as some of you know I am making a change. I am getting out of corals for the time being and getting into sharks. I am working on getting a custom tank built that would be 6 feet x 4 or 6 feet (haven't decided)x 2 feet to house the sharks....


I am not totally done with corals....I actually figured that with all the group buys I am in I will still have a pretty nice collection with RH's, BH's, PH's, Soprano's, Captain America's, and so on.....(clap)....


But here is my future....right here.



For those who don't know...it's a Banded Bamboo Shark...I also have a marble cat shark in route. I will be posting build updates and so on as I progress but here is where it starts.


As for the coral shots.....here you go....


I know it doesn't seem like much....but this tri color you see in here is testament that TAP water is fine....for me anyway....it has been alive and growing in my system for over a year now....































But, just so you know....I will still be around, still posting, still be involved....just taking a different path to get back to "myself". I will be keeping a tank up and running with corals in it until I can get it all into one system....but that is going to take me a while as I have to figure out how to control my water parameters with sharks.(scratch)

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I've never had one, but I have heard that many don't live once they hatch, that its hard getting them to feed, and most just weither away and die. They have a pretty Big shark at Cayes Tropical Pets on Division in portland, Sharks are one of those things that seem like they need a HUGE aquarium to be happy and healthy in....I have heard they produce high amounts of waste (Ammonia) and like Stingrays, a good filtration system is a good idea, but like I said, I have never had one...so these are things that I have heard...


Best of luck though...They would be really cool....That TriColor is Awsome, I love the green polyps, someday I would like to get one like that...


Fish are cool, especially agressive ones, but for me I can't ever see going back to just fish, I have a feeling you'll like it, but will come back to the coral side soon or later...lol(rock2)...I loved my porcupine puffer, panther grouper, eels, I could hand feed all of them, it was lots of fun, messy but fun, but now that I have a coral focused tank, I can't see going back...

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Heres my advice with a bambo shark .. buy a tv...they just lay there on the bottom in a corner and do nothing... and by nothing i mean nothing my buddy had one for a year and it did more swimming in the egg then in the tank...locally all the fish stores are like ewwww get this its the next thing they dont tell you you have to spot feed it and it will do nothing once it hatch's...that video is the most action i seen a bambo shark do in years...there boring...local stores here just talk them up to get those eggs out of there shop....hard to get them to eat is a understatement...imho buy another breed....if your building a tank get something exciting like a tip reef shark....just build the tank huge...the crappy part about bambo sharks is it requires a lot of volume to compensate for waste and overall survivablitly but they use none of the rest of the water volume.... i bet you could buy a fake one put it on the botom and no one would know the difference if there familair with them...I'm not being a dick I just got sucked into the whole shark thing too and was severely , (read super un-happy) and sold was the happiest i ever was in bamboo sharking...might as well been live rock.. a least i mighta got a cool hitchhiker to have to remove...

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very true with what jrock4224 said most small sharks are nocturnal and dont do much at daytime except sleep. If you want sharks with movement your looking at blacktip or whitetip reef sharks, which get up to 8' long and are way to big for average home aquarium. Seahorse has or had a small nurse shark, but again it will grow way to large for home aquarium. The one they had was about 3-4ft long and it would follow you along was in the sump area of their invert holding system. If it was me i would go for stingray of some sort they move around a fair bit and are active during the day.

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on the positive though your corals are very nice....i m not hating on the shark thing just if i had to do it again.. i would spent my money on a huge tank and just went tip sharking... and just planned to donate them after 5-6 year to a large local aquarium and start over....i think the bambo in my freshwater tank is more active than a bambo shark

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To clarify here....sharks are not going to be all that's in there....but they are going to be first. I have to get an understanding of what I am fighting with them and water quality before I add coral and such. There will be other fish as well. Plus a ray...I think anyway.


Again, sharks are merely first. I am dual tank sump with skimmer in each amongst other things. I already got the "inside scoop" on initial feeding....will video document when there. But I have been speaking with a couple experienced keepers....one of which has had the same shark for 14 years now....and a breeder.


Main initial focus is feeding of sharks and getting that understood, then maintain healthy water parameters, then I start putting corals back in.


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You see I do plan on having a reef....but I want sharks. I know they mess up water which is why they are going in first.....so I can learn their habits, likes and dislikes, to maintain healthy happy sharks....then I will start focusing on the water to maintain the healthy parameters.


The breeder I have been talking to has his "show" pair in a full on reef tank. So I know it is possible....and this was the way he recommended it to me. "Learn the sharks first". So....I am. Now with the 2 tank sump\fug....they will sit side by side under the main display...one with have skimmer, UV sterilizer, carbon, Live rock or DSB...unsure.....the second one will have skimmer, carbon, Nitrate reactor, Macro....with with individual returns....ball valves all over the place so I can isolate any given tank at any given time.


I would love to get a smooth hound or tip shark, but it is my belief that putting sharks (I know, I am totally contradicting this but please understand what I mean) in an aquarium is wrong from the start....but to put a "real" or active shark, like a black tip, in anything less than like 5k gallons is downright cruel....these things have territory's or cruising zones in the ocean that measure in sq miles.....not feet. The sharks I am getting typically reside in tide pools or similar settings where the water is warmer and the movement or space is restriced.


Plus I want to add the sharks and ray BEFORE I work on coral so I can figure out my wall.....my goal is to have overhangs and out crops leaving my ENTIRE sand bed vacant of rock. I would be building a DIY wall with most of the real live rock residing in sumps. The wall will be most likely a mix of LRR and that foam stuff people are using...attached to acrylic sheets to match the back of the tank....this is if I go long....


If I do the custom way I am going to take my lead from that volcano thread on RC and build rock pillars or one

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The other thing the breeder taught me was his feeding methods....he has been successful at getting sharks to eat while yoke is still attached. He has several methods one of which includes I believe pigs blood.....either way I will be video documenting the proceedure when I get there so I can share. But he guarantee's they will eat within 3 days of hatch. He is not the source for my sharks though....found him after the fact

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I am keeping the 14 up and running to keep the corals that I am keeping....RH, PH, BH, soprano's, and so on....so I have colonies to move into new tank once ready.


and there will be other fish in there as well.....but again....starting with sharks....LMB....wrasse....and probably a tang of some sort.

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Sounds like you got a plan.. just trying to give you a heads up bamboo sharks aren't know for movement...nor swimming nor doing much of anything.. soundsl like you got a plan and the tank sounds cool...but i will tell you I seen it a million times all the experts in the world means nothing if a fish wont take to feeding....I cant tell you how many people have bought this breed and been so uterly dissapointed ...

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Dang you Moto....now I gotta start saving....


Jrock....I always appreciate any information...may it be warning or otherwise. I know this isn't an easy task at hand....but nothing worth while ever is. I also know they aren't the most active....which is why we are getting other fish as well....but they are a undeniable nice addition to any tank. IMO that is. I have no illusions as I am well away that this little dude might not make it...


But it appears I am going to find out soon as the yoke is almost gone(scary)

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I always feel sorry for that shark at Cayes. It doesn't look right in that tank - just too [language filter] big and it really does just sit there most of the time.


I'd also be really curious how the shark eggs are collected in terms of population sustainability as we seem to be doing a really crummy job managing the wild shark populations at the current time.


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I really have nothing to add other than white and black tips are also nocturnal. I see them all the time while out collecting.


You can catch a lot of baby hammerheads out here with just a fishing pole off the docks.


Anyway, can't wait to see the tank. I've always wanted one but don't have the room for a tank big enough. Maybe I'll do a salt water pond one day. Hehe




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