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WTB halloween crab


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So I am looking for a halloween crab. The one we purchased died before we ever had a chance to bring him home. My hubby has set up a 150g tank for me but in the process the deal was he got to bring home the giant halloween crab from the store. He went in to the LFS the other day and found out the crab is dead. So I am now looking for a new one to replace the one he never got to bring home. I can either give cash or frags for one. If you have one you dont want please let me know what you want for it. Thanks everyone.

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It or they will be going in a tank with a lion fish so I need a large one or two if they can be together. I do have a large sump to grow it or them out in though. Guess it depends on size and cost. Send me a message and let me know what ya got.


The ones I have readily available are just a tad smaller than a golf ball. Every now and again my LFS gets a monster.


If I see a large one I'll let you know.


I had a pretty good size one in my sump, but my snowflake ate it.





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