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Birdsnest frags and a few zoos for sale


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Nothing fancy but nice.


I dont have a clue what there real names are. Purple and neon green birdsnest frags. various sizes.



these are guesstimations on sizes, sorry bout the pictures, my camera is on its last leg.

1. purple- Is a good sized frag about 2+ inches with multiple branches 15.00


2. purple- 10.00


3. purple- Sold Kimberlee


4. green- 10.00


5. green- 10.00


6. green- 10.00


7. Purple- 10.00,(sold Reefsafari) actually a large frag that I managed to drop a while back and clued the pieces back and it actually took off, so its like 3 small colonies.


8. green- 15.00 large piece about 3 "


Large Purple about the size of #8(but purple. sorry camera decided to die) 15.00 and another at 5.00


9-12. green and tan/green polys, zoas, zoos what ever you call them. they grow like crazy. You buy anything you can have 1(first come first serve, I can frag more probably, i have tons.)



13. That pic is about 3 months old and it is at least twice that. 15.00


I Have a few larger chunks of those and the darker green 10-15.00


Mother colonies of my birdsnest (these grow really fast, Both those were about the size of #4 a little over a year ago.





UPDATED PHOTOS and FRAGS without pictures previously




#14 purple $10.00


#15 large purple about 3" 110110022.jpg


#16 Green zoas, im sure they have a name, but dont know what they are. Crappy pic, sorry. 5 polyps, $10.00



Please drop me a pm. I work nights so im off to bed, I will get back to you this evening. Post if you want something so I dont give something away to the wrong person or something that someone asked for first. Lots to go around. And your helping me fund the last part of my 40B lighting.




2 frags for 15 bucks on the 10 dollar ones.

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No problem' date=' sorry your roomie had to wait on me, traffic was horrible tonight. Hope it does well.[/quote']


No problem, That is the second time I've gone out to Milwaukee to support Kimberlee's Habit.:D


besides I got to get out of the house and have a beer. :)

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