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What brand of Ballast is this?


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the wire going to the ballast looks like a ground wire.


Is that a normal thing? Why isn't it internal with the rest of the plug? Just asking because I got this used but was supose to be a like new never used setup. The topper is the fixture had a little damage to the end. I have sent the seller a email.(flame)




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Do you think the previous owner made his own GFI circuit?



Ocean Light T5 MH combo - Tips and Tricks



Always use a GFI when installing your lighting system

Use timers to create a consistent light cycle.

For easy HQI bulb installation, use a touch of white lithium grease on the bulb end-blades.

If your fixture includes daylight and 20K bulbs, use a separate timer for each color to simulate a dawn and dusk effect by having the 20Ks come on first and turn off last.

Installation inside canopies is not recommended and, without exceptional air circulation and ventilation, will shorten the life of internal components including the bulbs.

If you are upgrading to a more powerful lighting system, start the fixture higher above the tank and lower it gradually to within 6" - 12" from the water surface.

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Thanks guys for the replies. Seller got back to me. Yes, it is a off brand (copy version of Galaxy brand) Seller had a Electrician at work wire it up? Ballast came with no plugs is the reason for the speaker wire add-on (ground). As for the damage. That was done by UPS. Seller had pictures of it before shipping (just in case and you could see the box damage) I was able to realign it and you can't even tell. I fired it up yesterday and it worked great. For the money I'm happy. Maybe in the future I'll upgrade the Ballast.

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