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How to frag a ric


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I just fragged them. We will see what happens


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Not bad you almost made it an entire hour before fragging them-;)


I did not want to chime in but I have had rics that I tore pieces from that developed into healthy new ones-


I am not firm believer in the mouth being "needed". I frag chalices that have no eyes and they grow fine for the most part-slower but they dont die.


I say dice that sucker up like your cutting onions for tacos and see what happens-:eek:


Ok maybe the last example was a little extreme but I have done the rest I mentioned-If your tank is healthy and above all stable-you would be surprised on how reilient someof these things are.


******disclaimer-I am not responsible for anything I recommend-its just that it has worked for me***********:p

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I just cut and glued. so there you go....no needle or veil or even slow flow...cut....glue.


Glue works only sometimes, depending on the condition of the foot.

That's why other methods are used and suggested. Frag a few more and you will see yourself (laugh)

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I always cut them from the rock, leaving a portion to regrow, then hack into adequate sizes (could care less about mouth only because they will just grow another one). The big fun comes putting all the little guys in a rubbermaid tub with holes and fill 1/4 the way with sand (lid down) and leave them in there till they attach to some large sand or rock bits then you can glue the sand / rock fragments to something else later. If I don't do it that way they would always just slime from what they are glued to and blow away into the skimmer or to the back of the tank and find them a year later.

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No glue I take it? And what's with a wedding vail?
It will let the water move, keep it upright and inplace so it can attach to the plug or rubble. Be sure to use only well cured rubble or live rock. Don't have the vail to tight. after a few days and as it grows you may need to adjust. WEll attached remove the vail or it may grow into it
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