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SPF Ice cap 400w single electronic ballast with lamp cord. $100


SPF Red devil pinwheel for sicce skimmer pump. Never used but I use another one on my octo extreme 160 and it made a whole new skimmer out of it. I was shipped two on accident for the price of one. $15


Two waterproof t5 endcaps and single 24'' reflector with bulb clips $15


ARO 2x55w CF ballast with ballast cords and bulb caps water proof $20

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Interested in the Ice cap-can you tell me how old it is, its condition, anything one would need to know.

The "lamp" cord is that botht he male/female cord that would be wired into the hood/pendant whatever I use???


I am very interested and would say I'd take it but need a few questions answered first.


lastly (for now-LOL) are you open to any trades or just cash-which I have but I wanted to ask-I know yur a SPS guy as well so......



If you got a number I can call that may be easier



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Ballast is 08 manufacture based on serial number. Its in great condition from the looks of it. I used it with a radium for a while with no problems. The lamp cord is the male and female so all you would need is to strip it and connect to your lamp base. I might be open so some sps trades since that is where the money would be going but I am mostly looking for LARGE frags/small colony. I'm not really looking for frags right now though. I am looking for a 40b to turn into a sump if you have one.

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