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Remote DSB Revisited


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I know this may be a touchy subject but want to revisit this a bit to see what everyones thoughts are. For the last year I've had a deep sand bed in my sump (a variety of stuff but mostly play sand) that's about 10" deep. I just finished reading a couple of articles on a DIY bucket setup that would do essentially the same thing and was thinking about giving it a try. Anyone else running remote DSB's? Thoughts?

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I have all the equipment and sand ready. I'm gonna attach it to the system as soon as I'm done with the calibration of a doser. I've read pretty much all the pages of the thread on RC and I think that Calfo's revisited DSB is a great idea at now.

There are many people using it with success, both here and in Europe.

I like the fact that the sandbed it's completely detachable from the system in case something goes wrong.

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