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Garrett's Magnificent Foxface


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After a long hiatus from adding fish and concentrating on coral and persistent pestering from my family I finally added a new fish from Garrett (The Premium Aquarium).


Having a Royal Gramma and a Clownfish as the sole fish inhabitants in a 100 gal system is kinda sparse? LOL


Garrett has had this Magnificent Foxface from Sumatra. If you visited Garrett in the last couple of months you may have seen him. He sold the large fish to me for what would be a good price for a medium sized specimen of a fairly unusual Foxface!


The nice thing about this fish is that the red on the back part of the dorsal gets larger as it ages. It is an eager eater and a great match for my tank.


Hats off to Garrett for being a great guy! (He has added to his corals and has some exceptional frags.)








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