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It's time to Upgrade Equipment Sale


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It's time to upgrade to another tank so I need to sell enough stuff to fund a new tank purchase. Note: I will consider trades for a 150g tank (48"x24"x30"). I will also consider all cash offers and can make package deals.


Everything that was listed here is either sold, traded, or no longer available. Thanks

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Do you have a pic of # 7?






Here you go. The last picture was taken when the T5 conversion was half complete to get an idea of the difference between the 65 watt CF bulb and the 2x24w T5 bulbs. Even this picture doesn't really do it justice as the difference was even more noticeable in person.










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Rick is it the stand that is pictured in the thread-first pics on the first post ?


Sorry, just spent some time reading-I dont think I care to do the closed loop-even if it is only temp.


Great price!


Here is a picture of the stand.



Closed loop isn't necessary. (I'm not using it myself anymore)

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