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How Many Fungia is Too Many?


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We have limited substrate space and already have 3 fungia fairly close to each other, and so far they seem to be fine, but I was curious how many is too many?


They are addictive with all thier different colors, I am curious if people keep many of them together in the same tank? would getting a couple of more and having them close to each other hurt in any way? I know they can move, but would they damage each other if they got too close or touched? Would just making sure they didn't touch be the main thing?


Its a 40 breeder, with quite a bit of live rock and not all that much room on the substrate for too many more, and I would love to get one or two more, but I wasn't sure if keeping that many would not be a good idea.


I had the same problem with Clams, I liked so many different clams and felt so bad when they all didn't make it, looking back I should have never bought any clams let alone all of them I had...it was just stupid....(sad)


I would love to hear from others that have kept multiple Fungia in close proximity to each other, is it ok?...is it not ok?

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There are two main species of plate corals fungia and cycloseris. I have had them climb up over the top of each other without any ill effects. Down side is that if one rests on top of another you should move it so they can both get light and food. There is another type called long tentacle plate coral that is not compatible with the other two and should not be allowed to touch. The scientific name escapes me at the moment.

Also i keep my plate corals on bare bottom tank without any issues and when i was in Fiji and Samoa I never saw them on the sand, only in rock rubble zones between reefs. or in crevices between corals.

They do like to wander around, so the bottom of the tank should be free of other types of corals. I have had them move over 3' in one night in my tank before. If you do have other bottom dwelling corals, it is best to create some kind of wall between them and the plate corals, make sure the wall is at least 2-3" high, i have had them climb over small barricades.

Make sure to feed them every 2-3 days they are a voracious predator and seem to enjoy any kind of meaty food stuff. They seem to exhibit the best health and color when fed. I hope this info helps ya some

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Thanks for the reply, I have 3 currently, and they are within a few inches of each other, and have seemed to be fine being that close, its good to know they can be amongst each other and not hurt each other (unless they move ontop of each other...lol)


There are so many different colors of them, they seem to be very addictive, I find myself wanting more...I really have fallen in love with the ones we have currently. All of the ones we have are the short tenticle (Fungia).....The other ones are heliofungia right? or something like that...I do have a fine sand, that they are on, I find myself having to blow them off quite a bit...


I have a insane bright neon green one and a neon orange one and a solid purple one, I also have always wondered if they where dyed? Are they naturally this bright and colorful? The neon green one looks radioactive almost, very unatural but very cool...


Looks like I might be getting a few more then...whooohooo(clap)

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