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How do you feed the need???

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What have you done to feed your addiction...err...hobby needs!?! Here are a couple shots of my latest conquest before removal from the transport vehicle. I've also brought home entire tank setups on Tri-Met...It's really funny to see people's faces when you board a bus with a tank and accessories.


Post your favorite pic/story of how you fed your hobby needs.






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hehe glad you got it on there. Mine was taking a 120g tank home inside my PT Cruiser, with the gf (now wife) along, to bad for her, she had to ride home with her face pressed against the windshield so the tank would fit :D


Needless to say she doesnt go fish shopping with me much anymore (naughty) but she still did marry me, must be true love ;)

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Probably not better, or even as good, but my latest tank and stand/wall unit was on the 27th. floor of one of the high rise condos in downtown Portland. It took about 10 trips down the elevator and 2 trips here with my Ford Ranger pickup to get it home.

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