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over driving T5's


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I have herd of overdriving lights and I am curious about T5's, I went and got 4 new bulbs today and mistakenly grabed a 28 watt 4footer insted of 54watt and I know I could go and trade it for one I need but am wondering what if anything would happen if I just used it.

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Nothing. It would simply use 28 watts. To overdive the bulbs you need to have a specific ballast(Icecap) for doing so or in some cases you can rewire a ballast to use double the current. Basically it doubles the pulses. Doing this actually requires a dual ballast though. (Most often done with common shop light ballasts)

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That was what I was thinking except for the duel ballast' date=' not herd that one till now. I'm just going to replace it at the store.[/quote']


If you search for DIY ODNO Flourescent it will turn up an explanation of what it is and how to rewire for it. You essentially cut the life of the bulb in half though. When I first started the hobby I did this with a pair of shop lights (It took two to get two dual ballasts) and then used a normal 40w 10K and an actinic bulb to effectively get 2 73 watt or so bulbs (You don't get 100% efficiency so it's not quite double the wattage).

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