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Am i adding water correctly?


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Before i had been adding a pitcher of saltwater at 1.023 salinity a day. I then noticed my hydrometer reading high specific gravity readings after some time. Then i figured that its because the water evaporates and the salt stays in the tank making it gradually saltier over time if i keep adding mixed saltwater. I since then have been adding some fresh RODI to keep it where i want it. seems to be reading perfect in the tank. Is this the right method, it seems logical, and wanted to make its right before its too late.

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Also' date=' word of advice, throw away the hydrometer and get a refractometer, hydrometers are notorious for giving false readings.[/quote']


Don't do that. Get a refractometer and use it to calibrate the hydrometer. Then every 6 months or so verify that it is still accurate with a properly calibrated refractometer. Hydrometers are actually very consistent but the markings are often different from what they should read. I.E. Once you have it marked correctly it will likely read correct from then on.

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also' date=' at seahorse aquarium supply they will calibrate your hydrometers free of charge[/quote']


Nothing against Woody but I would not suggest doing so at Seahorse. He just compares them to his which may or may not be right. I know for certain the one I used the first time was off by .003 because it matched mine. I actually wouldn't trust any of the local shops to calibrate mine unless I watched them calibrate the refractometer before comparing them.


When I say calibrate I mean compare it to the refractometer and then mark the hydrometer with a permanent marker to reflect an accurate reading. I marked mine at 1.023 and 1.025 (where it should be) which is close enough to use for weekly tests. Then once every 6 months or so I get the refractometer out and calibrate it to recheck the hydrometer to be sure it is still reading the same. In about 2 years the hydrometer has always been consistent. I.E. It always reads .003 low.

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