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Teal & green candycane, Frogspawn, green/blue sinularia


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I trimmed a few LPS and removed a nice sized sinularia from my tank this weekend, so they are up for sale.


Pics taken under 20k Radium, i tried to take some of the blue out so the corals represent the actual colors


8"+ green/blue sinularia - $15








2 frogspawn frags - w/3 heads $15 w/4 heads $18









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Hmm well not much action I see. So i'll adjust prices and group some into a frag pack


Sinularia - $15 comes with free 3 polyp frag of Lunar eclipse palys


Frag pack: $30 w/ freebie 2" green slimer frag

4 head frogspawn

5 heads teal candycane

5 heads nuc green candycane



5 head nuc green candycane - $15

3 head nuc green candycane - $10

2 head teal candycane - $5

3 head teal candycane - $8


Also have a Monti setosa originally from Frag Farmer - 1/2" - $30

1/2" sunset monti - $10




Or make me an offer :)

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I would say its hardy. It was stuck to one of the rock lifts at the bottom of my tank, and was twice as big several months ago. I stuck my hand down there and grabbed a hold of it and started hacking with an exacto knife to get a branch off. Jacob has the frag and its doing great in his tank, this part of it was open the next day like nothing happened. I was amazed. Its the only leather i've ever had, and I think its one of the hardiest in my tank.


What do mean less than optimal conditions, like high NO3 or PO4?

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