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Glass: Who can cut it?


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I have a glass cutting tool and experience cutting glass (I have made stained glass windows). I have even cut thick glass from a 55g tank. As long as the glass is not too thick, it should be easy to cut. You would need a scoring tool ($5 from home depot) and a straight edge. If you use a couple of padded clamps (cloth wrapped around clamps) to hold the straight edge in place while you score it is best. Then use a dowel or something like it (even a pencil) under the glass at the score mark and gently push down on each side until the score mark opens up. Most of the time it goes without a hitch. Sometimes you get it cracking where you don't want it to. :(


If you have a dremmel with a diamond bit it can be used to clean up any sharp edges when you are all done.


I would offer to help you cut it, but the next three weekends are booked solid for me, and evenings are hectic just getting everything done that I need to do. If you are not in a big hurry, maybe on a weekend sometime next month.



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Is the glass 3/8" or 1/4"?


If it's 3/8" thick, you may be better off reassembling the aquarium in its original configuration, as those Old School tanks are substantially tougher than what's on the market nowadays. Modern tanks in the 40-55G range that are made with 1/4" glass rely on the plastic trim for a significant portion of their structural strength. And in any case, the thicker the glass is, the dicier it is to cut it cleanly...


If it's 1/4" thick, you may find reading this to be worth your time: http://www.austinglass.com.au/The%20secret.htm


I've cut 1/4" glass before, and it's pretty straightforward -- but sanding down the rough edges so you don't open up an artery is tedious work and absolutely not to be neglected.


I can also take the tops off of wine bottles, which turns out to be a useful skill in the fishkeeping hobby... Who knew?


EDIT: Whoops... Spent too long typing! Glad to hear your problem found a solution.

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