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thanks to October meeting participants

Mr S

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Like to thank everyone for coming to the meeting and helping support the TFT with your generous donations and purchases. It was a great meeting and hopefully all of you learned about the powers of zoo toxins and the effects it can have on your thumb!!

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Thanks for hosting the meeting again!, great stuff. Daves presentation on Rotifier cultures was very interesting I think I will try it and maybe try copepods. Thanks for the give aways, foods, etc and the reminder to put on GLOVES!!

Let me know what you can use in the future for the classroom tanks, would be happy to send, drop ship, donate to help keep them going strong


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Thank you Roger for hosting the meeting, It was awsome to hear and see the Zoanthid fragging demonstration, it gave me the guts to give it a try myself...So thank you. Wish we could have stayed for the rest of the meeting....It was great seeing everyone agian and even met a few new people...it was awesome(clap)

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Thanks for a great meeting, Roger!

My 6 year old daughter somehow believed that the bidding was a counting game that adults played and thought it was a helleva lot of fun to jack up the bidding and obligate Dad.

Thanks for another great meeting!!


Awesome meeting Roger. Sorry we missed the fragging demonstration! Sorry Franklin, I could not outbid your daughter. She was just too cute!(laugh) And hey it was for a good cause.


Very nice setup Roger! It's nice to see so many clownfish living together in harmony.


Oh and for those who missed the meeting....

Do not ask Newfisher about his new tattoo!(nono);)(laugh)

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