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Remonting Coral


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I wanted to dismount some of the corals i have off of their stones and onto some of my live rock. But i definitely don't feel like i can do it properly' date=' or know how to. Does anyone offer this service?[/quote']



You should post some pics of the corals-its not hard depending of course what you are talking about-thats why the pics would help


You'ld be surprised how resilient these things can be

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you'd also be surprised how fast $500 can go down the toilet. LOL


Uh that was a chalice and it was only 300.00 dollars that I watched melt away-great lesson though-(flame)


Show us the coral(s) in question, they really are easy, it just depends on types-Thats why I love SPS-They are frag friendly-(clap)

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