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Another Reef Garage Sale


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Time to clean out some of the extra reef stuff I have here. For you guys down south I'll be making the trip down to the October meeting.


1-3, 5: Sold


4: Gen-x GX-4100 Submersable Pump. Used less than 2 months. $40 Sold



6: Reef Gloves. $20



7: 50 lb. bags of White Sugar Size Sand (Similar to Southdown sand) $20 each. (I can still get about 8 bags more)





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Rick, I'd be interested in the aquriscope-and I guess give the 20.00 back you gave me unless you are interested in possible trades-LOL


Let me know and I'll let you know for sure-

If cash comes along sell it


I've got cash for the aquariscope if Brad really doesn't want it:D

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Rick' date=' let me talk to Jess, but I want a bag of that sand, I'll call ya tomorrow to let ya know for sure.[/quote']


Let me know.


I'll also be adding a MAG 18 to the list later tonight in case anyone is looking for one. Probably be asking $80 but I need to look it over closer once it gets done soaking. (Haven't cleaned it in awhile so I need to be sure it's still in good shape)

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