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Building a FS thread


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This could take a while....


Bali Safe Crackers. Sorry for the sucky pic. I've got a bunch of these from 6-12 polyps. $2/polyp



Awesome pink w/ yellow centers about 50 polyps. $20



Wammin' Watermelon, this pic has over 100 polyps. I'm gonna break it in half and sell at least 50 polyps for $15 sold ReefSafari



(scary)Not pictured yet... Pink Panthers, Tubb's Blue ($2 pp), Some Japanese Deep water zoas... pics to follow (wife)


True Orange Yuma (not the red one) with light green boarder $20



Efflo frags:


3x1.5 inches $30 sold

2.5x1 inches $17

1.5x1 inches $10

3/4x3/4 inch $7



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