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Few Corals for Sale, Mostly Soft


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I have a few things I woudn't mind moving out of our now "Shared 40b"...I can bring them to the meeting this saturday or can meet in the portland area on our way through to Salem....anyway, here is some of what I would like to move...


Zoanthid/Paly colony, has several kinds of zoanthids and paly's....


$10 Now $5



Neon Green Sinularia, Pretty good sized, We fragged it a while back and are choosing to keep the little frag and sell the colony, Bright Neon Green, really beautiful. I kinda pissed this one off too moving it, so all its polyps are not out...


$20 Now $15





Finger Leather Coral, I got this a while back as a fresh cut frag, it has since attached to a peice of rubble rock and is growing, it was supposed to have green polyps, but unless I am color blind it actually has whitish polps, but its cool, the mother colony didn't have its polyps out when I bought the frag but it was very cool looking, I was really hoping for green polyps, but oh well....And no Mr. Miyagi (Bangain Cardinal) is not for sale...lol


$10 Now $5



Neon Green Branching Hydnophora, This one I really like but really have no place to put it, I bought it originally from Rose City and its grown a bunch, its a beautiful neon green and is of the branching variety, I really like it and have thought about moving some things around to be able to keep it, but since we combined our two 40breeders, there really isn't a place for it, and I just want to leave things the way they are for while....


$25 Now $15



I also have a good frag of Kenyan Tree Coral.....FREE with any purchase, just let me know if you want it...I don't have pictures but could take some if someone really wants to see it.

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Bump for friday, I will be bagging everything up in the morning and bringing it down to portland and it will stay in portland unless someone wants me to bring something down to salem, I also have a Spotted/Pajama Cardinal fish that I need gone, he is $10, he's big and not really picks but intimidates the Bangia Cardinal....

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