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Apex Skimmer Code


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I had to deal with the skimmer turning on after you cancel a feed session and the sump was still high on water and seemed there was no way to solve this problem.

I studied a little bit the code and I wanted to share my result.

What I did is to use the "defer" command at the beginning (end) of the outlet programming:


Fallback OFF

Set ON

If Power Apex Off 000 Then OFF

If Power EB8_3 Off 000 Then OFF

If FeedA 000 Then OFF

If FeedB 000 Then OFF

Defer 005:00 Then ON


This will keep your skimmer in the OFF status every time it is turned off, including when you cancel a feeding session.

Hope this helps

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yea i can cancel standby / feed mode and it will still do the delay. i love that feature, no more skimmer overflow. The only thing i'm trying to figure out now is power outage to the entire unit, would also be nice to have a delay on the skimmer when it powers back up.

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