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Gobies/Blennies compatable?


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Ok - there are SO MANY options for fish now that I have a 75. (clap) I have a cleaner goby already that will be transferred in a couple weeks.


At some point down the line I'm considering a yasha goby and shrimp pair. Will the two gobies be compatable? Also I'm considering a midas blenny, or maybe differnet kind of blenny. I just love their cute little faces!!


Any other cool shrimp/goby pairs? Where to get them?


Thoughts please? Thanks!

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Thanks everyone for the input. I'm really excited for these as I am facinated w/ the symbiotic relationships in our hobby. Can't wait to get them. Now, after reading more and more, I found I did my rock work all wrong. DOH! Yup, it's on top of the sand bed. (scary) With as much as I really thought I had planned all of this out I could just kick myself for not knowing this sooner.


So - does everyone who has the shrimp/goby pair all have their sand on top of the rock? My husband just told me when he put the rock in he dug it in as deep as he could. Good enough? Thanks.

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