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Help me buy a new tank! FOR SALE THREAD


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Okay so I need to concentrate my efforts on getting a new tank instead of buying more stuff :) I have a lot of stuff to list so bear with!


Also forgive me for the crappy pics, I need some lessons.


Here it is-




Big Hunk of Green Sinularia $20 each (2 available)





Tons of Acans- Purplish $10 (3 heads) for small $15 for big frag (4+heads)






Montipora Setosa $20




Toadstool Frags $5


Briareum Frags $5




Birdsnest $10




Bam Bams $10 a frag!





War Coral 20+ $25



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Heres the equipment-


Black Tubs drilled in different places on each $20 (3 available)




PCX70HP $75


WH7 Ballasts $25 each (9 available) or buy all for $160


10 5' T5 reflectors $10 each or buy all for $100- 8 are Stainless steel custom made and 2 are standard Sunlight supply ones


22 used 5' 80W T5 bulbs $5 each or $80 for all


Chameleon cage 30x17x28 mesh cage comes with lights, bark, trees $25. Bought it from Roy since it was a steal and just wanna get what I got into it!

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How many gallons is the blue tub And is it 150 for 1 pump I may want 1-2


Its $150 for 1 snapper. I only have 1 left. Just to lazy to take a new pic :)


I also have a PCX70HP external pump to for sale.


The blue tub is 39x39x21. Which comes out to 138 gallons filled to the brim!


Let me know!

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I just want to remind people that R3 lives very close to the school where this weeks meeting is at. So if you are coming down or know someone that is it can be an easy pick up of some very nicely priced pieces.


Thanks Franklin! Yes guys I am about 3/4 mile from the school. See everyone there.

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