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new to cold water


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Well this is what happens if you let just any one in.


I'm not from the pacific northwest, pretty far from it, Chattanooga Tn.


I have a 180 sps tank & a new non-photosynthetic 30gal tank (same system). I have been very interested in cold water tank & have been reading about them for some time. I think I have learned enough about them & where I maybe can get livestock to get started. I'm planing on building a 36" long 10gal or so, 1/2" thick acrylic tank in my fish/filter room. Looking forward to my time here at PNWMAS.


Some pix of what I have now


sps FTS few months old



nps FTS



feeding system on nps (1 1/2gal tank with fauna marin food mix pumped into nps tank via LiterMeter)



fish/filter room



I'll be reading over your site & I'm sure will be asking some question about cold water setup & livestock.




What would be the best way to find the cold water people on this site?

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I second that, Steve has had a lot of answers to questions I've had about my temperate/coldwater tank thus far.


Let me know if there is anything I can help you with as far as collecting stuff for your tank. I should be getting some Californian Gorgonians from a guy this week, and in return I'll be sending him some of my strawberry anemones. Trades like that is a good way we can help each other out in this niche hobby :D


I think we have talked on NR already via PM :D

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I increased carbon dosing a bit, & added a little reactor with some bio pellets to the nps tank. I had a zeo reactor in place already, so far so good. Nitrate still less than 1, & phosphate went up to .o4 from .02 haven't check it since increasing carbon. If it doesn't go down I'll put some more bio pellets in. I was concerned about all that extra food in the system.



Yes we have PMed on NR & when I checked your other posts I found your link to thread here & joined up. I'm looking forward to being able to find some more people with cold water tanks. I have seen references to Steve before & I'm sure before its all said & dun I will be taking with him.



Yes that riser is for main closed loop, there is another one in the overflow area that comes back in the tank under the rocks.

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