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Thanks everyone for a awesome day


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So we decided to make a day of shopping. So we have multiple people to thank.:D We started at Roys to transfer some frags for him. Then down to Steves to deliver some heaters. Thanks Steve for the frag of zoos. They look great. (clap) Next it was off to Perrys to pay for some ebay auctions we won and a little more we found when we got there. Thanks for the great deals Perry. (clap) Then over to Roberts for a little powerhead switch. Thanks for letting me feed your huge tang. That was amazing. :D Then off to meet Mick to swap some frags at a starbucks. Mick the frags look awesome. Thank you!(clap) Then to Rogers to pick up the share the love prize. Great to meet you and thanks for a great prize. (clap) Now we head out to Kleen your K9. If you havent been there you HAVE TO go. Got the most awesome deals of the day out there. We picked up acan,chalice, and zoos. We will be back to see you again. THANK YOU!!! (clap)(clap) Then off to Patricks to check out his shipment off fish. Got some frags of zoos and Mike picked up a gobie shrimp pair. You rock Patrick.(rock2) Thanks for the awesome deals. And a person thanks to Brandon for helping us out at swf and missing your dinner date.(clap) Heres some pics of the many many things we got today. Thanks again all for making this a great day.oxygen067.jpg









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