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Question about T5HO


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Well, thanks to Liquid Hobby, aka Todd, I picked up an awesome 36" Tek 6 bulb T5HO system. It looks absolutely awesome, and finally my entire tank is completely lit up, so it rocks. My question for you users of T5HO systems, what kind of bulbs do you use? What kind of bulb configuration do you use?


Here's what the tank looks like, and I'm just curious as to if I can make it a little bluer? Since it's pretty [language filter] white LOL.



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Try the UV 454. It makes everything pop without the blue washout effect, and they are half the cost of pure actinics. Rose city sells them. I run 50/50 of daylights and actinics. Try actinc white, 12k daylight and 454's. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the color and growth.

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I really like ATI blue plus. For a six light I ran 4 ATI Blue Plus, 1 UVL Actinic White and one Korallin Fiji Purple. Nice combo. Pretty blue, but the Fiji brought back the pinks. Less blue than a Radium, but more than a Pheonix 14K.

The Giesemann Actinic Pure are very white. The Giesemann Actinic Plus are very blue (looks a bit towards ATI Blur Plus). The Giesemann Aquablue Plus are leaning towards a whiter light (as compared to ATI Blue Plus).

For my 8 lamp I used 4 ATI Blue Plus, 1 Giesemann Actinic Plus, 1 Korallin Fiji Purple, 1 Giesemann Aquablue Plus, 1 UVL Actinic White.

T5's are great for balancing the lights.

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