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WTB/T for MaxiJet 1200


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I had to use the 1200 and forgot, I would have swapped you for your 900-I just looked and saw my 900 that I thought was a 1200. I have another pump thats 13watts 1500 L/H that would work, its slightly larger than the Maxis


maybe one of those pinkish speckled zoas?????? Just one?????????






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As long as it fits the 3/8" quick connect fitting like the maxi does I don't care


not familiar with what the quick dis looks like although I am sure I have one, or have seen them.


It fits into 5/8 tubing


Sounds like crazy may be able to hook you up-I thought if it would work, I could get it to you w/ the sump


Shoot me a PM if you want

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well i know we were supposed to meet up with you to get the grow out frag' date=' but thats not going to happen this weekend, so, i have a 1200 that it connected to a seaclone skimmer if it will work. it has the quick connect on it. we are still coming to vancouver today if you want it[/quote']


How much do you want for it

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