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This morning I found my scooter blenny on the carpet. He was still slightly moist. I tried to save him to no avail. I know certain fish are more prone to jump. I have had him in there almost a year. No one picks on him and water params are normal. I am just a little concerned since scooter blennies dont really seem prone to jumping. Looks like I will be needing a replacement. And maybe soem kinda top that does not block light. Where would I get such a thing.

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Let me know how the mesh works. I got black egg crate from SWF too patrick said it would not block light but it does tremendously. So i never use it


I had some of the chrome egg crate over my tank for awhile. It actually intensifies the light by directing it straight down into the tank.


Note though that eggcrate will only work for fish too large to fit through the squares. My brother has actually had 2 or 3 fish jump through the squares.

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Let me know how the mesh works. I got black egg crate from SWF too patrick said it would not block light but it does tremendously. So i never use it


I've been using it for months and I can hear fish jumping/splashing but no carpet surfing.


You need to keep the aluminum clean from salt build up but nothing more than a quick wipe down weekly, just part of husbandry






Noob is talking about this-which is what I did to my tank and I bought the screen here;








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Don't use egg crate. I've lost two female flame wrasse and a zebra blenny using egg crate.


Here is a write up i did on another forum. As for the netting pictured above, you can get at bulkreefsupply.com http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/catalogsearch/result/?q=netting&x=0&y=0


Well, i hit the point where the cost of fish out-weighed my laziness.


Eggcrate is only good for large fish! I lost two small female flame wrasse and an algae blenny. All three made it right through the holes of the eggcrate.


Home Depot Run!


Bronze Screen Frame 5/16 In.x 3/4 In.x7 Ft. - http://tinyurl.com/2bs7qnw

Bronze Plastic Corners 5/16 In. - http://tinyurl.com/22r53tt

Phifer 36 in. x 84 in. Fiberglass Insect Screen Fabric - http://tinyurl.com/29n3q2w

.125 x 25 Ft Black Spline - http://tinyurl.com/27ms89l

Wooden Handle Spline Roller - http://tinyurl.com/39bgdxd


Pretty easy DIY.


First step is to search the house for an hour to find a hack saw. lol The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but if you have questions just ask.



  • Do not try to stretch the screen tight. No need, will just put un-needed stress on the frame which will warp it and make it not true.
  • All frames are aluminum. "Bronze" is just a color.
  • Clearcoat frames for added protection if you wish.































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looks fantastic Kevin...


1) Looks like ANY minor splash would result in salt buildup on screen...I know it would be simple enough to rinse off, but looks like frequent rinsing maintenance.

2) Looks like it too decreases light reaching tank


I have snorkled a few reefs and even on bright days with clear water am amazed how diminished the light appears to be...


I have seen amazing coral growth in shady areas and have wondered if we are "over" lighting our tanks...???just my response to reduced lighting thoughts earlier on post...



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I just got done changing my screen from aluminum to the plastic mesh. I have about 3/4 of it left. If your interested pm me.







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You may want to keep it???


I re-thought mine and did it in 2 pcs per side, so when feeding, I only remove the small section as to 1 whole section-Just a thought-(whistle)

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This is true, I was not talking about jumping though-It was ease-;)


Nice job-now do like I do and grab a few beers and stare at your acclomplishment for a few hours-(laugh)


I'll stick to rum and coke but it sure tastes good..(whistle)


I've already showed it off to the neighbors.(laugh)

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