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Several Lights For Sale


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1: 400w MH Retrofit setup.

400w Cap and Core Ballast (This is the Capacitor and Transformer Core only, no box, this ballast will work with Radium bulbs)

Parabolic Reflector with Mogul Base

4" 3 speed Fan with transformer

3 Used 400w Bulbs (10k, 20k, 15k?)

Asking $40 OBO


2 & 3 have both been sold.


4: 20" 40w Current Satellite Power Compact Fixture (1x40w)

This fixture has a single moonlight and includes a SunPaq 50/50 bulb (10,000K/460nm)

This has been completely dissassembled and refurbished to include cleaning, painting, and new hardware where needed to restore it to near new condition.

Asking $20 OBO


5: Sold.


6: 18W CF Bulb

6500k straight pin CF bulb that came with a 14g Cube I had for a short time, Only has a few days of use on it.

Asking $5 or frag trade


Item #1 Pictures



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Interested in item #2. do you every make it south of portland?


Not usually however there is a meeting in Albany next weekend and I'm sure I could get someone to take it down there and hand it off to someone from your area. (Or I may decide to go myself) I know at least a few people from down there plan to be there. Send me a PM if you want to move forward with it.

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