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Marine Aquarium Expo


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Hi all!!


It's been awhile since I've been here, since joining a few years ago, and only posting once before.


I figured it was time to head on over here, and get to know more of you. Several of you, I know, from other forums.


Anyway, I'm here to make a very exiting announcement.


MAX, Marine Aquarium Expo.


We've been working with them, on another forum, trying to get them to come to the Pacific Northwest. Well, after a lot of negotiations, begging, pleading, and convincing them that it's a grand idea, they've finally gave in...lol.


SEAMAX will be held in Seattle, July 23 and 24th, 2011!!!


I'll be attempting to get them over here, to make the announcement, but until then, here's a link to the thread and announcement.




Let's all show our support for such a great, upcoming, event!!!

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This will be our opportunity to shine and show that we could be one of if not the premier club, not just in the PNW but West Coast!!




I know that PSAS (Puget Sound Aquarium Society) is collaborating, in this venture. You could contact the BOD and I'm sure we'd welcome you aboard and would love to have as many clubs involved, as possible.


I know that, over here, in Spokane, our club, SRS is going to also be involved.

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