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Super Frag Sale


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Time to trim down the mother colonies. All frags will be fresh cut. The frags will be greater then 1" except where noted. If pictures are required please let me know and i will post up pics of the mother colonies.


2 eye frag of original tyree watermelon chalice (1/4") sold



phonape birdsnest 10.00

ORA Birds of paradise sold

pink birdsnest 5.00



ORA red planet sold

Cali Tort sold

Rainbow Millepora sold



ORA purple stylophora (1/2") sold

green stylophora 5.00



pink polyp green base cap (1/4") sold

pink polyp orange base cap sold

white polyp green base cap 15.00

montipora setosa 15.00

idaho grape cap 10.00

purple haze (1/4") sold

blue digitata sold

orange digitata sold



meteor shower (1/4") sold

minefield sold


Misc Corals

green pavona decussata sold

green with orange mouth fungia sold



Pickup can either be at my place in Longview WA, or i will be down in the Portland area around the first weekend of November.

Thanks all for looking!

I can take cash or paypal.

Also have multiple frags of each, unless item is listed as sold, then i am out of that coral

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