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Salifert kits in the Portland area?

Dego Red

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I've been to (just about) every store in the area, but I never paid any attention to test kits since I haven't needed them until now. Does anyone know off the top of their head who carries Salifert kits in the area? I'm a little short on time at work to call around and ask.


I'm looking specifically for the KH kit since I prefer the accuracy of the drip method compared to eyeballing the color-based kits like Red Sea. Given that, anyone have any other suggestions on kits that may be in the area?




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I called Patrick - He's got some Salifert left, but not for alk.


I'm still reading mixed reviews on Elos and alk, but then I turn around and read that Salifert can be as much as 2dKH high compared to the Hanna colormeter where the Elos was closer. So much for the "industry standard". Lots of interesting reading out there...or should I say mixed information?


I need something today, so I'll give the Elos a try. Thanks!

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Tip: instead of using 5ml sample and diving the # of drops by 2' date=' just use 2.5ml and each drop = 1dkh. The kit will last twice as long.[/quote']

Just ran over to SWF and picked up the kit since it's near work. I was reading the instructions, and this dawned on me as well. But then I had concerns of accuracy, especially since the Elos would now be one full dKH per drop. I guess I'll do back to back tests to see what the color change looks like. If you haven't had issues, I don't see why I would.


In the end +/-0.5dKH should really have no significant impact on pH swings, which is ultimately my goal to minimize.

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FWIW to anyone reading, I gave the Elos it's first test last night.


When I last tested with Salifert it appears it really was reading about 2dKH higher than the Elos, which came in right at 7dKH. This should be correct for having just done a 35% WC after 2wks and no buffering prior to WC or test.


The test is surprisingly easy to read. When you're getting close, you'll see a very faint yellow; the next drop will be the 'solid' (target) yellow, and the last - once you've gone beyond the actual alkalinity - will turn orange like the drops. Also, I'm with chewie...using 1/2 the recommended doses and water doesn't really effect the accuracy.

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