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Jokers, Hurricanes and more....


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Allrighty folks, it's time to clean out the frag rack so Micky O'Toole can get his new light hehe....


All frags are labeled with a letter and the description can be found at the bottom of the post.


I do accept paypal, my paypal address is jgf86123@yahoo.com, and plan on being in town tomorrow afternoon after 5 at RoseCity Aquarium if any would like to meet me there, or we can arrange something this weekend.


I'll have to get a better pic of the mother colony of the Miami Hurricanes, but if you notice in the pics of the Hurricane frags, they have extremely long "lashes" I guess you could call it LOL, they're abnormally long and have a really awesome effect in the current.


Here's the pic:




And here's the descriptions:


A) 2 polyp Seafoam Paly - Sold CoralCrazy

B) 2 polyp Miami Hurricane - Sold CoralCrazy

C) 2 polyp Joker Paly - Sold lewisriverfishman

D) 3-4 polyp Joker Paly - Sold CrazyInside

E) 10 polyp Joker Paly - Sold Reefnjunkie

F) 10 polyp Joker Paly - Sold CoralCrazy

G) 1 polyp baby Joker Paly - Sold lewisriverfishman

H) 3 polyp Arms - Sold Hozer21

I) 1 polyp Joker Paly - $4

J) 3 polyp Joker Paly - Sold stylaster

K) 8 polyp Joker Paly - Sold grassi

L) 3 polyp Miami Hurricane - Sold gawf4fun

M) 2 polyp Joker Paly - Sold gawf4fun

N) 2 polyp Arms - Sold CrazyInside

O) 2 polyp Joker Paly - $8

P) 4 polyp Joker Paly - Sold Hozer21

Q) 6 polyp Joker Paly - Sold Mandinga

R) 3 polyp Miami Hurricane - Sold JimmyK

S) 1 polyp Miami Hurricane - Sold JimmyK

T) 7 polyps Joker Paly - Sold JimmyK


Thanks all



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