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Frag system in sump? Who has one?


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Just wanted to get some opinions of people who have added a frag rack and light to an existing sump for holding and growing out frags.


I have quite a bit of space in my sump and already have a 27w quad 6500k PC bulb attached to the back side. I have plenty of left over eggcrate, and just bought a 50/50 27w PC quad bulb to replace the current one. Then I'm just going to change the position of the bulb from the back of the tank to over the top.


I seem to have an over abundance of zoanthids recently and thought I could thin them out a bit but dont want to clutter the display tank. Frags will be all zoanthids I imagine and will be in less than 4 inches of water. Think the 27w 50/50 bulb will be enough? Think I should add one light for over the frags and keep the existing light where it is on the back to light the chaeto?


Any one done this to save real estate in their main tank? Pointers? Tips? Comments? Pics of the sump can be seen in my tank thread linked in my sig.

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I was going to set up a frag tank in my room but decided against it (even built the tank). Instead I mounted the Viper 150w over one chamber in the sump and will just set frags on the rocks. I also am adding a 24" T5 over one side of my overflow and will use that too.

One less thing to clean and maintain!

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Built a clamp mount for my existing 27w quad bulb and moved it from the back of the sump to over the top of the sump. This way it projects maximum light onto the frag rack which is only a couple inches under the surface, and still radiates plenty of light onto the rest of the fuge for macro growth. The new 50/50 bulb should be here any day, the frag rack was already made but now it doesn't have to be visible in the main tank :) For now I just made up zoa frags of pretty much everything in my tank. Made my day feel a little more productive, lol.






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