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Entire 180 gallon tank for sale (no livestock)


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I am clearing out the last of my corals and hope to have that done within the next week. All of my rock is sold also, so my entire tank less the livestock will be for sale. I am offering it for the next week as a package for $1500. Based on my experience nobody is going to want the whole thing so if it doesn't sell I will piece out the parts. You are welcome to come over and view it anytime. Here are the supplies that I can think of.


Cherry wood stand and canopy

180 gallon acrylic Truvu tank (6X2X2)

canopy has four 6' actinic bulbs and three single end 400W halides

3 icecap electronic halide ballasts

1 icecap actinic ballast

Red Sea Berlin X2 protein skimmer

Precision marine calcium reactor with C02 tank

Blue line 55 and Blue Line 100 pumps

C-0500 Pacific Coast Imports 1/2hp chiller

A bunch of various stuff for tank maintenance like a mag float acrylic cleaner, scrapers, refractometer, reactor media, phosphage media, etc.


$1500 for the whole thing. The cabinetry alone cost me $2000. Send me a PM to set up an appointment to view it.



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I am holding on to the Vortechs. Everything else is for sale. I also forgot that the tank includes 2 one inch sea swirls as well. And to your question CA2OR the system is turnkey. I have been running it successfully for almost 3 years on the present equipment.

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This is one nice setup if you have never been to Jake's to see it at its prime. One of the nicest SPS tanks I have seen.

Someone go talk with him. He is a softy at heart and will work with you.


Being that you are keeping the Vortech, That means your staying in the hobbie right?

I sure hope so.

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