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Have an old protein skimmer


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I have an old protein skimmer that I would like to get rid of. All it needs is a pump and an air pump and yes it's a home made one that my buddy and I built in about a day or so. It still work pretty good and I'll clean it out b4 anyone gets it. I had it on my 55 gallon and then my 75 gallon and it worked great but since last year I upgraded to a new tank I thought I should change everything else that I had as well (sump,pumps & ect...). Since today on my honey do list was to clean out the garage which I have all most done (laugh) lol and I found it I thought I would see if anyone wants it for a new tank or know someone out there that needs one and doesn't have allot of money just let me know & it is an external protein skimmer and the pump it would need is a 200-300 gph and what ever size air pump. The price for the protein skimmer is $10 or a frag or two .

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There is no price you tell me how much sorry I should of put that in there


From the rules:

6. If there is not a price clearly stated in your post, your thread will be removed without warning or explanation.

All current active threads will need to include a price immediatley or they will be removed.

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