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Which fish mate?


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Is this the tank that's only been up a couple of weeks? If so then I would stick to damsels/clowns for awhile. Actually I wouldn't put any fish in for another 3 or 4 weeks and then maybe a couple of damsels. They are hardy fish and are more likely to survive the tank cycle that is/will be occurring. A couple of weeks later I would remove the damsels (if the parameters are still good) and then consider some other fish.


The worst thing you can do with a new tank is get in a hurry. If you do then you will spend the next year fighting to get a stable system (if you don't give up before then). Give the tank time to establish a stable biological balance and then slowly add livestock (one or two fish "OR" corals) each week and constantly monitor the parameters. Keep in mind that every piece of liverock, every coral, and every fish that you add causes a new tank cycle to start. I.E. It needs to establish a new balance to accomodate the new additions. If you add too much too fast then the parameters will shift rapidly which will kill off some or sometimes even all of the inhabitants.

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