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It's About Time I did this.

LC Scott

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Hi Everybody! Nick>

A few things about me

I grew up in the PNW

My father took me ocean fishing before I could walk. (WestPort WA.)

I spent a lot of my time as a kid climbing on/in the jetties, running around the docks and beaches and doing stuff that If I caught my kids doing now I would lose whats left of my hair. :).


Alright, So much for the boring stuff.

I currently have a 20 L Tank



1 6400 K (10000 k on it's way)

1 blue antic

24 Watt


HOB canister filter using carbon

1 power head to help with the current.



1 False Clown(?)

1 Hawaiian Fan

1 emerald crab :(

1 turbo Sail

2 more sails whose names escape me right now.

1 LTA Rescued

1 small frag of Green Star Poly.

I think I go it all...


Wait I almost forgot the the sand bed.

1 Bag of crushed coral and 2/3rds of a bag of live sand.





I have 55 gal. tank coming soon and I'm going to use a 40b as a sump (dang Petco $1 sale.)(again)


I'm a DIY type guy so I'll be making most anything I can.

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nice start. I wouldn't be too concerned about the light ATM. As you add more rock and stuff you will find that it does well, I'm sure, with shaded spots and so on. ATM it looks bright only because there is very little in there to take your view away from the light.

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Oh, and one more quick pointer, a 55g really SUCKS for saltwater LOL it's so narrow that it's a major pain to do anything with, if you can find one, I'd suggest snagging a 75g tank, and then you can still use that 40b for the sump/fuge for it, no problem there, but, you will quickly come to loathe the 55 for its narrowness, and the 75, well, you'll be able to keep that for quite a while.

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I would agree.....IMO you need more rock....but it's your reef....do whatcha like. If you don't like a lot of rock in your display you can add a sump and a bunch of rock in there to accomplish same goals. But even I half less than half the rock most people would have in my tank. And the next tank will have even less in the display. I will, however have a bunch in the sump and fuge.

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Welcome to the site, once the new tank gets here think of the type of things you want down the line to determine that best lighting.


Not meaning this in neg. way (it is what it is) but the lighting you have presently is more than likely not strong enough to keep your nem alive-sometimes they take a few months before they really look poor and show signs of dying and usually at that point they are done.


Been there and done that myself when I first got into this-alot of folks do-part of the problem is the store/person wanting to make the sale or just not knowing themselves.


glad to see you made the jump to saltwater-oh has anyone mentioned it can be a little addicting-not usually but sometimes

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