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Xenia taking over people eaters.


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Use a pair of tweezers. Grab the xenia as close to the base a possible and "peel" it off the palys. I have been able to peel xenia off many different substances including rock, glass, plastic, and other coral. If you do it right, you can get it all and it won't grow back. If you do it wrong (leave a small bit of flesh attached) then more xenia will grow from the small bit... Not bad, because once it get's big enough you can just pull it again.



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I have some xenia growing from a couple of the stems of my green people eaters. How should I get rid of it. Should I clip it close to the stalk. If I do wont it just grow back?


Take off the little bastards as soon as you can. Those people eaters are a pest! :p

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