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Went out to visit Tim at Westside Aquarium, I had traded him my old aquarium for a credit at his store. Came home with a fish and lots of new corals :D






Tims shop is looking really nice, he cut me a couple of pieces from his display and picked up a frag pak!

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I put him in and the other tangs didnt even bother with him' date=' thats four tangs I have now![/quote']


Yeah but my powder brown is a jerk! He beat the hell out of the Kleins butterfly we had in there so I'm afraid he would do the same to a powder blue unless it was much bigger.

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Just fed them all dinner and she was right at the front of the line!! eatin with the rest of them' date=' hope she does good[/quote']


glad the fish is eating for you, thats a good sign. I love the powder blue tang's, and want to get one, but i already have 5 tang's in a 150 and that's proably enough. My daughter's 29gal bio-cube has a baby blue hippo in it right now so when it gets to big for her tank it will be added to mine.

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Thanks for stop in yesterday Steve hope everything will do good for you, and for the fish it should do good for you I have it in the shop about 2 months now. I usually will not sell customer fish if I think it have parasite or not eating just to make few extra dollars, but there always a chance fish could have internal infection that I can't see and thing could go south, but like I said before I want my customer to come back.




Westside Aquarium

2020 nw aloclek dr ste

Hillsboro or 97124

Tel 503 372 6717

Business hours

Tues-sat 11-7

Sunday 11-6

Monday closed

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