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Asterina/Harlequin - input please


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The asterinas are everywhere, in epic proportions. I think this is a result of an RO gone bad and not replaced soon enough. No TDS. That problem is fixed, but I want them out. They are on the walls, rock, and most worrisome - on nearly all of my zoas. Some zoas are dying. Not acceptable.


I've been reading about harlequin shrimp and it seems there are mixed reviews on whether they eat them. I know I would have to rehome it when I'm done. I'm looking for good, ol fashioned local opinions and input on whether this might be sucessful.


Also - how about bristle stars? Any luck going that route? Then I would be able to keep it.




36bf 16 months old

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Little FYI bump - Harly took care of the asterina problem. When I got him he started eating one within 5 minutes of being in the tank. Now they are nearly gone.


I'm kinda considering keeping him, but most likely you'll see him in the classifieds soon.


Thats so cool!!! (clap) I wish I had an asteria problem so I could get one LOL. (laugh) I have seen people feed them chocolate chip stars but that is not for the faint of heart. (sad)

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Yeah, that's what I'm deciding LOL. They are beautiful shrimp, but the hacking of a star fish is what gets me. If I knew the legs would come off in one fell swoop that would be one thing, but can't picture myself just hacking and sawing away, yuk. I don't mind throwing oysters and other gross seafood in a blender, but they're already dead lol. Besides, I really want a cool reef safe star fish.

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