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Vinegar is an acid, so it breaks down oils, grease, mineral deposits and film really easily.


For our tanks, CaCO3(calcium carbonate) dissolves in vinegar as c2h4o2(acetic acid)vinegar as a chemical change occur which turn the calcium carbonate to calcium acetate. It ionizes the Calcium molecules so that they are free to break away



I use about 1-2 cups per gallon. White vinegar is fine.

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Very nice explain job... :)


There are some details that are not exact, but the general idea is sound.


Don't forget that the carbonate is turned into carbonic acid at the same time that the calcium acetate is formed.


It does not "ionize the calcium molecules." A better way to say it would be "dissociates the calcium containing molecule making it soluble in water."


But only a chemist (or chemistry teacher) would know or care about the differences... :)



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