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60+ New Coral Colonies in!

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Hello Everyone!



I just got in 60+ new coral colonies! There are tons of zoas of many different variety along with many other softies, and LPS. Prices are great as always! Frag packs of several variieties are available per request. Come down and take a look! The tanks are filled to the brim with corals and inverts!!! Lots of food in the freezer and on the shelves including Rods, PE mysis, cyclopeeze, Aquadyne wafers, etc.


If I have some time today, I will try and get a few pics taken.





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Imagine a dozen live rocks fully encrusted with zoas. Orange, green, blue, etc.


Now imagine the prices being crazy enough that you have to buy two.


Lol I know. I've driven there from Vancouver just to buy snails and chat with him. Might just have to make the trip again, my cheato an caulerpa need harvesting again.

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i need pics to help convince me to make the trip. have not been down to yuour place' date=' will do sometime,but pics could convince me to come down sooner than later![/quote']


Just think of the most amazing corals you've seen...and then double that. I have yet to get to garretts (both of our schedules have been off when I could). I've seen what others have brought back and I can understand why he doesn't post pics. He wouldn't be able to sleep with everyone knocking on his door constantly.(laugh)

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