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high Mg, bad for paly's


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After a recent battle with bryopsis(which i won), my paly's arent looking great. my people eaters have seriously lost their color.


I raised my Mg to 1800 and they are all not doing great...they just look bleached out.



Will they recover? Anything I can do to help them along?

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I think high mg caused me to lose about half my acan collection also. I didn't notice too much of a reaction from my palys though.


Can you start lowering your mg? I used to add 4 tablespoons to my NSW before a WC, i've since stopped doing that and notice corals are doing better.

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Thanks miles, I also have notice my cans not looking so great. Havent lost any yet, but for a week they looked sad. SPS seems to really like the high Mg.


bryopsis melted away completely within a week, hoping that my eaters dont follow suit.

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