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How many tanks is too many?


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I am curious as to where the line is on filtration. I am considering adding 2x10g tanks to my current sump set up giving me about 50g worth of filtration on a 60g display. I would have LRR in both 10's....one as a xenia and gsp tank and the other with macro algae. I would leave my skimmer in my sump along with UV sterlizer. The plan would be to pump from sump into 1st 10, overrflow into 2nd, and also into return chamber of sump.


That is the idea anyway....do you have any that might work better?


Is that too many tanks?

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the line is determined by your bioload and where the source of your nitrates is comming from. there is no real rule of thumb. i am running a 40ish gallon refugium on a 120gallon system and its got a very heavy bio load, the swc skimmer is rated for near 200 gallons and its working its butt off, the refugium is lighted 14 hours a day during the evening hours and it grows 4 kinds of macro algae which gets pruned monthly and about 15 mangrove trees. my nitrates stay between 1-5ppm all the time with 10-15% water changes ever 1-2 weeks.

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