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BioCube 29


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Hi everyone!


I just couldn't stay away from the reef hobby any longer...I'm back with another 29 gal setup. This system isn't entirely new; the tank is brand new; rocks/sand and the pair of maroon are from my brother's tank. It's been running for two days now and the clowns are pissing me off; they're stirring the stand constantly and made a huge hole under the rocks. I really need to add an anemone to the tank to hopefully get them to stop that. Anyway, here's some info about the set up: 29 gal biocube, CurrentUSA 150w hqi with radium 20k, aquaticlife 115 skimmer, jbj nano-glo for chaeto in the middle chamber. The only in habitants in the tank at the moment are the clowns, maxima clam, and some snails/hermits; more are coming in tomorrow from bluezooaquatics! :D










More updates to follow!

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Some new pics! The pair of maroon clowns have been traded; the perculas are nice but seem a little retarded; they don't go any where near the anemones; hopefully they'll figure it out eventually.


Excuse the poor quality; these were taken with the phone; don't have my dslr with me.





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Hey Frank! How have you been? Tanks ARE like crack...lol...I have two tanks (the other one is freshwater setup with just cardinal shrimp) going in corvallis even though I told myself no more! I bet your tank is sweet looking; would love to see some pics!


Just for fun, these aren't saltwater but they're just as colorful; they're like mini red fire shrimp.


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Excuse the bad photo from phone; the white balance is all out of whack.


The maxis aren't as aggressive as I thought; they're actually quite gentle! My clam fell off the rock and I found it sitting right next to the anemones. It's been two days and the clam don't seem to be affected at all.

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