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4 Stage RO/DI unit?


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Hey so with the Bulk Reef Supply group buy going on right now, I figure this would be a great chance for me to snag an RO/DI unit for a pretty good price. I've heard pretty good things online about BRS's unit, but I'm wondering if I really need the 5 stage model vs. the 4 stage. It's only like a $30 difference but I'm on a tight budget especially since I went on a crazy spending spree through them, lol. It seems like if I can get 0 TDS with the 4 stage model it should fit my needs since I'm just starting up a 75 gallon. Just wanted to get some input from people who had experience with RO/DI units.

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oh wow that sounds like a great deal. I'm just worried that the "you get what you pay for" voice in the back of my head will come back to haunt me. Either way, it's gonna beat me worrying about spilling buckets of water in my trunk every time I drive down to Upscales or Rose City :).

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Sorry I meant to post the web address...lol




For what it is worth, I bought from the same company and I bought the 4 stage unit that is "portable"

I paid 55.00 delivered I believe and have been using it for over a year on the same membranes and still have 0 TDS coming out.


I'd buy the same unit all over again if I had to-My water pressure is not the best at my house plus I ran the tubing through the attic into the garage, roughly 60-70 feet so I had to get a booster pump but I can make up to 50 gallons in 10 hour period easily.


Just my 2 cents

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